Join us daily for complimentary continental breakfast, served from 8 to 10:30 am at the bar located on the main floor’s lobby!


Mini Bar Menu


PATRON Silver Tequila $20

TITOS Vodka $20


WRAY & NEPHEW White Rum $15

JAMESON Whiskey $17

Red Wine: 375ml $19

Red Wine: 750ml $36

-Pinot Noir-

White Wine: 375ml $19

White Wine: 750ml $36

-Pinot Grigio- Chardonay-

Rosé Wine: 750ml $36

Champagne| Prosecco 750ml $56

Cider 750ml $15

ASAHI Beer $5

BOYLAN Soft Drinks $4

-cane cola – diet cane cola – shirley temple – ginger ale –

SPRITE Soft Drinks $3

BROOKLYN BEST, Peach Tea Lemonade $3

JOE’S Pink Lemonade, $4

Juice, $3

orange –cranberry – apple –

SARATOGA STILL, Still Water $4

PERRIER, Sparkling Water $4



JOE’S Chips $3

-sweet potato – sea salt -bbq – sour cream & onions-

HAL’S White Cheddar Popcorn $3

HAL’S Pretzels $3

MARIA’S Caramel Popcorn $6

RIP VAN Waffle $3

-Snickerdoodle – Dutch Caramel & Vanilla-


A curated selection of gourmet drinks & snacks from diversely founded global and local businesses.

Dining options

You can explore exceptional dining experiences at MADRE and the BROOKLYN LANTERN both of which are located our sister hotels, along with several other fabulous dining options in the neighborhood that we put together for you.